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Terms and conditions

Why sell a watch here and which watches are suitable?
Genesis Watchmaking offers:

  • a high volume of website traffic - all watch enthusiasts and potential buyers.
  • servicing of the watch to maximise the sales value and speed up the sale. (servicing costs to be paid prior to listing).
  • high resolution images of the inside and outside of the watch, photographed in our studio .
  • to list the watch as long as you desire, for no additional fees.
  • to list (genesis watchmaking) serviced watches for free and deduct a small commission after the sale.
  • to deal with all potential buyers and weed out any timewasters.
  • to ensure payment from the buyer.
  • to guarantee the correct working of the watch and deal with aftersales warranty issues.

To list your watch here:

  • you must be UK resident. (We will post a short sales agreement to your address to be signed and returned)
  • the watch will be serviced by us and we will offer our own guarantee regarding the performance of the watch. (servicing is paid for prior to listing)
  • the watch will be photographed by us including the movement and will have a detailed full page listing for the sale.
  • the watch will remain the property of the seller until it is sold. (Genesis Watchmaking does not buy watches).
  • the sales price will be agreed by us and the seller.
  • the seller may list the watch on other sites and may withdraw it from sale on this website at anytime provided it has not already sold.
  • watches previously serviced by us and still within our warranty period are eligible for listing straight away provided they remain in suitable condition.
  • payment for the watch will be made to Genesis Watchmaking and the watch dispatched to the new owner. The balance of funds (less our sales commission) will then be transfered to the bank account of the seller.
  • we currently charge a £50 listing fee payable when the watch sells or if the seller withdraws it from our sales area.
  • sales commission is currently 10% and there will be no VAT added.
  • we will only sell genuine and un-modified watches, normally only the brands we offer service for.
  • NB Buyers and sellers must be UK resident.

If you would like to list a watch for sale on oue website please click here.

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