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Waterproof Watch Repairs

Genesis Watchmaking offers a comprehensive resealing service for waterproof and water-resistant watches. We will offer the same level of warranty as the manufacturer of the watch.  
During a reseal the movement of the watch is put to one side and the case stripped to its component parts. The case parts are then ultrasonically cleaned, prior to reassembly with new seals and lubricants. The movement is then re-fitted and the case run through a series of wet and dry tests depending on the model. In all cases the final test machine produces a printout of the result which is supplied with your warranty.

guarantee document
Tag Heuer movement and rebuild case ready to assemble
Tag Heuer watchcase with the back off showing the movement with that newly installed battery.
Close-up of a Tag Heuer mother-of-pearl dial and hands
A Tag Heuer watch case placed in the dry waterproof test machine
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