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Watch Repair Two Year Warranty

Your laminated, credit-card style warranty will show the job details on one side along with your name. The reverse will be printed with the following text:

The watch specified overleaf has undergone a full overhaul. It has been restored as fully as possible to its original working condition. This work carries a guarantee of correct working for a period of two years. This warranty excludes mechanical failure of components beyond our control, accidental damage or damage caused by third parties.

All written guarantees have to carry some caveats just as the one above does. However, we always give the benefit of the doubt to the customer and our returns are so rare that there has never been the need to quibble over the reason for the return. To date we have never used the exclusions in the warranty to avoid putting something right at our expense. We will always undertake time-keeping corrections free of charge if your watch has poor timekeeping considering its age and original specification. (Battery watches carry a one year warranty following service)

An Omega dress watch after service an Genesis Watchmaking
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