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Heuer Carrera offer to refurbish and reseal

During the recent service the current owner decided not to have the optional case and buckle refurbishment as the case was in such good order. With this model the plexiglass should be replaced in order to undertake a full reseal. Again the customer decided not to replace the plexiglass as it too was in good order and the case passed the waterproof tests with the existing plexiglass and all the other seals replaced.

A buyer of this watch has the option to have the case fully refurbished and resealed. This would involve a complete strip down of the casing and the case elements re-finished to as close to stock condition as possible. The case would then be rebuilt with new seals and a new plexiglass fitted. This would give the buyer a full two year water-resistance warranty as well as a vitually new looking watch. This work would add £200 to the price agreed for the watch sale and can be discussed at the time of purchase.
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